Googled on South Georgia Island

When Susan and I toured South Georgia Island in March 2014 with Lindblad Adventures aboard the National Geographic Explorer, we were accompanied by a staff member equipped with the "Google Monster," an array of cameras and GPS equipment worn like a backpack and used to record Street View images for Google Maps. With us and the other participants on the tour, he hiked trails and wandered along beaches full of wildlife.

Google Maps now shows the images recorded during that tour, and Susan and I appear most noticeably in them at the cemetery at Gritvitken where Ernest Shackleton is buried. That's Susan leaning against the fence enjoying the solitude before the throng gathered for a Scotch-hoisting "Remember the Boss [Shackleton]" ceremony.

The Google Monster Susan by the Boss Susan by the Boss

Here are some screenshots of what you can find by searching Google Maps for "Gritviken cemetery": Thatʼs Susan at the fence and me with the Nikon in front of my face or hanging from my neck.

The Google Monster The Google Monster The Google Monster The Google Monster The Google Monster The Google Monster

When we passed the Falklands on the way to South Georgia, we stopped at and hiked across Westpoint Island to tuck in between tuffs of tussock grass and observe albatross and rock hopper penguins. Search in Google Maps for "Westpoint Island Falklands" and try accompanying the Google Monster across the island, which itself is not shown as anything other than sea in Map View!

You can navigate to my photos of the Falklands and of South Georgia Island through the Albums List on my home page.

Googled on South Georgia Island
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